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Advertising on radio opens your business to endless possibilities. Increase your customer volume, generate revenue, and have the ability to alert the audience of your own promotions! Advertise with the show that has over 1.2 million listeners live on NBC Sports Radio 1060 AM.

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Pricing List Packages

  • 10-second live read: $10.00 each
  • 30-second commercial: $15.00 each
  • 60-second commercial: $20.00 each

Run these as many times a day as you desire to advertise.

Weekly & Monthly Packages

Small Package: $125/week or $485/month

  • 2 live reads, per day
  • Two 30 second commercials per day, Monday – Friday
  • Weekends: 2 commercials per day, FREE

Medium Package: $200/week or $795/month

  • 1 live read, per day.
  • 4 commercials per day, Monday – Friday
    • Three 30 second commercials
    • One 60 second commercial
  • Weekends: 3 commercials per day, FREE

Grand Package: $325/week or $1200/month

  • 3 live reads
  • 6 commercials per day, Monday – Friday
    • Three 30 second commercials
    • Three 60 second commercials
  • Weekends: 4 commercials per day, FREE

Note: Free weekends limited to the weekly packages

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