KSRN DBacks Correspondent Joins the Show!

KSRN writer for the Arizona Diamondbacks Mitchell Hughes gives the latest in the MLB. Talking Cardinals schedule, predictions, and the NBA Finals.

NBA Playoffs have sucked with blowouts find out why

The NBA playoffs have been very boring and the blowouts have been regular-season like, Earl will tell you why this is happening.

The Diamondbacks 2022 Season and What to Expect

This year in baseball there is a ton of storylines from Miguel Cabrera getting his 3,000th hit, Sun Devil fans and Detroit Tigers fans watching Spencer Torkelson’s rookie season, Clayton Kershaw having a perfect game through 7 innings and getting pulled, to the big question, can the Diamondbacks beat there career winning percentage of a... Continue Reading →

The “Players that ain’t no joke” On Friday Night NBA

These are the top performers in the NBA on Friday night. The KazualSportz Show with Earl Burnett aka Kazual_E Subscribe. Kazual Sportz Show on KSRN, and where ever you get you podcast. The segment from the radio show "The kazual Sportz Show"

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