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The Neutral Zone Show 10-24-19

Week 8 is here! The gang is back to make their NFL Picks!

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JB & Benny Blue Review 10-21-19

Sometimes it’s so hard to say goodbye, but the Savage Duo do what needs to be done and officially BURY the 2019 Yankees and the 2019 Michigan Wolverines Football squad (yes, despite still having the rest of the season to go!) after not living up to expectations! Then, before going in on Week 7 #SavagePicks, the boys discuss the much maligned NFL officiating over the season thus far, including missed and mis-interpreted calls, accounting for human error, and more!

JB & Benny Blue Review 10-8-19

A quarter of the 2019 NFL season is in the books, and the Savage Duo are here to deliver their thoughts on the AZ Cardinals’ first four games with special guest Sean McConnell (KazualSportz.com/KSRN Arizona)! They discuss the sluggish start, defense inefficiencies, Patrick Peterson’s eminent return, and outlook for the second quarter of the season. Then, the boys roll into more winning ways for their Week 5 edition of #SavagePicks!