Should Cardinals Look For Other Defensive Coordinator Options?

Last year, the Arizona Cardinals defense permitted a historically unfavorable offense and found a way defensively to stay close all the way to the end.  Currently, the Cardinals have an offense averaging 22.5 points as well as 343.3 total yards per game. A team averaging 22.5 points per game that is ranked 15th in the league is typically considered mediocre.  This leaves me to question; why do the Cardinals only have three wins, seven losses, and one tie, as opposed to six wins and one loss?

Vance Joseph proved to be a great Defensive Coordinator in his yester years.  Vance Joseph’s defense led the Cincinnati Bengals to back-to-back playoffs as well as directed the Miami Dolphins to the playoffs.  However, since becoming head coach in 2017 for the Denver Broncos, coaching events have all been downhill from here.

Throughout two years of coaching the Denver Broncos, Vance Joseph won eleven games and lost twenty one games even provided with a very talented defense such as Aquib Talib and Von Miller.  Vance chose to coach for the Cardinals shortly after his dismissal from the Broncos.

The Arizona Cardinals defense, now under Vance Joseph guidance, is allowing almost twenty nine points a game which is ranked 30th out of 32 in the league.  The Arizona Cardinals have proven, great talent with their defensive team with players like; Patick Peterson as an all-pro for multiple years, Chandler Jones posting defensive numbers that make him a potential defensive player of the year candidate, as well as Terrell Suggs. 

Granted Patrick Peterson was suspended for six games and upon his return this defense still looked disheveled. The Arizona Cardinals have a young offense that is currently ranked fifteenth in offense along with a defense ranked 30th out of 32. In concluding this season, the Cardinals really need to evaluate the available defensive coordinator position and consider replacing Vance Joseph if there continues to be lack of improvement over the duration of the next five games.



The P2 Effect Null and Void for Cardinals Thursday Night

The week leading up to a Thursday night game against the undefeated San Fransisco 49ers,  the Arizona Cardinals come in as a big 10 point underdog. Also through the media in a press conference star cornerback Patrick Peterson voiced his displeasure of having to play on Thursday nights.

Question: Do you like Thursday night games? “No” said Peterson and added “I think our bodies don’t have enough time to recover and we just had to travel from New Orleans thats a two and half hour flight, then practice and turn around now we are back on the field”. It almost sounds like Peterson set the prerequisite to his performance on Thursday night football against the 49ers.

Peterson’s performance was not the performance of one that is the best shut down cornerback in the league, in fact he had a similar performance last week against the Saints Micheal Thomas giving up catches on every target he guarded him.

New 49ers receiver Emanuel Sanders had his way with Peterson all night, and had the corner chasing and at one point looking as if to give up in the fight.

On a busted coverage between he and rookie Byron Murphy Peterson showed a clear lack of hustle to make up ground and have a chance to at least swing down on the receivers hands to try and force him to drop the ball.

Even if Murphy was at fault that does not mean the play stops and you get a do-over.

The play of number 21 was very lack luster as he made business decision type tackle attempts all night, swinging and almost stepping out the way of contact and seeming a step behind ball recognition.

The questions around the stadium began to swirl, “whats wrong with P2” shattered throughout the crowd. The Red-sea had never seen their star corner look that bad on the field in a prime-time setting, and it was on a night where the weird and scary can happen being Halloween night.

Whatever the reason the so called “P2 effect” definition was a negative effect on the team, much so that it looked like Peterson was staying to himself most the night. He didn’t seem to engage with teammates on high fives and we didn’t see that infectious smile we’re accustomed to seeing.

Now all of the conspiracy theories have begun in trying to figure out what went wrong with his game that night.

We saw Peterson a few years ago have a hard season not looking like his dominant self on the field, later to find out he was diabetic and was lacking energy and stamina. Soon as he got what was needed he returned to form, so getting busted in the off-season for a performance enhancement drug and coming back maybe without that drug he mentally doesn’t feel he is the same and is lacking an edge.


Coach Kliff Kingsbury defended the poor performance best he could and eluded it to Patrick still getting his playing legs up under him and still picking up the system.

This excuse does not hold any weight, because Peterson was with the team during camp and pre-season and also bragged he had stayed in shape during the suspension going up to Flagstaff and doing game like simulation drills.

This can all be rectified with a great P2 performance next week against another prolific receiver Mike Evans, and this is a copycat league which means defensive coordinators will be more eager to throw at him until he proves he is himself again. But maybe being himself was aided with a little enhancement, and now the final years of his career will be mediocre or he will get into football shape and return to his status.

If there was a word that can be used to describe the Patrick Peterson we saw Thursday night would be the word “Disconnected” as he seemed disconnected and disinterested in playing this game, and it showed in his attitude and his tackling and awareness.

The questions of Peterson wanting to be in Arizona will surely rise after a lack luster performance like that, giving up clean targets in a game that was winnable if he brings the maximum effort.

When it comes to being the best shutdown corner in the league the numbers also have to reflect, and the name on the back can only hide the truth for a time. If you are the best it will play out on the field and if not, we will see more efforts and performances like we saw the last two weeks.

Time to own up P2, no more talk.








Cardinals Thrilling Shootout Ends In Loss


Arizona Cardinals played against San Francisco last night at State Farm Stadium in Glendale.  The game was a thrilling offensive game with a final score of twenty eight to twenty five. Sadly the Arizona Cardinals fell short on the scoreboard, but put up an immense amount of points against a stingy 49ers defense.  

Over the last four games, the 49ers have not permitted over 100 passing yards to any team.  This week, Kyler Murray distributed 241 passing yards and two touchdowns, including a much needed eighty-eight yard touchdown to Andy Isabella.  The Cardinals high octane passing attack looked like it was finally clicking.


Welcome home Kenyan Drake!  Kenyan Drake was traded from Miami to the Arizona Cardinals this last weekend for a sixth round pick.  This event occurred after Chase Edmunds and David Johnson both appeared to be a little too injured to play on Thursday.  In Miami, Kenyan Drake’s longest run throughout seven games was a total of eleven yards. The first run for the Cardinals was 33 yards!  The final statistical line for Kenyan Drake included fifteen carries for 110 yards and one touchdown; he also had four catches for fifty yards.


For the ninth week in a row, the Cardinals defense was not great, which resulted in a shootout game. As a result, the 49ers scored twenty eight points; the Cardinals have not allowed less than twenty points in all nine games this season!  Also, the Cardinals defense has only caused one interception in the last nine games. This defense continues to struggle even while Buddah Baker is playing at a level that could put him in the running for Defensive Player of the Year. With the way this season is going, Baker will have over 120 tackles by the end of the year!  


The Cardinals keep inventing ways to impress the fans; however,  they need to find a way to play cohesively for an entire game for another win.  Next week, the Cardinals play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and I am already sensing another offensive shootout.

Arizona Cardinals Face Reality After Saints Blowout


Three weeks before the Arizona Cardinals played the New Orleans Saints, appeared to be all fun and games for the Cardinals.  However, it is now time for the Arizona Cardinals to face the harsh reality of the NFL. Within the last three weeks, the Cardinals have won three games in a row competing against the Atlanta Falcons, the New York Giants, and the Cincinnati Bengals.  Congratulations to the Cardinals, but let’s be honest, all three teams combined have three wins and twenty one loses. This last game, the Cardinals competed against the very talented, New Orleans Saints team, with Drew Brees back from injury.


This previous week, the Arizona Cardinals competed against the New Orleans Saints at Mercedes-Benz Superdome Stadium and this game did not end well.  The Arizona Cardinals lost thirty-one to nine and did not even score one touchdown. The most positive aspect about this game occurred when the Cardinals were able to stay close to the competition until the fourth quarter.   In the fourth quarter, the Cardinals were only losing by a few points, seventeen to nine, until the Saints scored fourteen unanswered points in the fourth quarter.


Chase Edmunds was forced to return to Earth after running 150+ yards with three touchdowns against the New York Giants.   Chase only ran for eight yards against the Saints, which he then suffered a hamstring injury. This injury has resulted in the Cardinals trading a draft pick for Kenyan Drake from the Miami Dolphins.  


The New Orleans Saints certainly proved they are Super Bowl contenders when they dismantled this already bottom tier Cardinals defense.  Drew Brees threw for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns. Latavius Murray rushed twenty-one times for 102 total yards. The Saints, as a whole, gained over 500 all purpose yards emulating the fact that the Cardinals need to work more diligently on their defense.  Fans were hoping with the return of Patrick Peterson, the defensive holes would no longer exist; however, the signs are not pointing in that direction as of late. This team has experienced issues against the Tight-end and running backs all year long. Fans urge Kliff Kingsberry to observe this situation, or as a result, more teams will be scoring 30+ points with over 500 all purpose yards in the future.


With Patrick Peterson Returning, Opposing Teams Will Have 21 Problems

Yes, that’s right. The time has finally come. Queue Mase! Fans have been waiting, yearning for the return of Patrick Peterson. Team expectations have lowered since the announcement of his suspension back in May. The Arizona Cardinals struggled early in the first quarter of the season, but after winning two straight, his return comes at the perfect time.

Vance has options

Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph now has the ability to shut down one side of the field or the opposing team’s best receiver. At this rate, Vance can (and should) utilize a variety of both options during any game. Opposing Quarterbacks will now have to worry about what “P2” is doing at all times in the game. Is he covering our #1? Is he in zone coverage? WHERE IS HE?! These scenarios can wreck havoc on an opposing teams offensive game plan and Peterson knows that.

Despite frequent trade rumors since the announcement of his suspension, there appear to be no signs that the Cardinals are going to let Patrick Peterson wear any other color than “Cardinal Red”. Don’t forget, Peterson has moved past the frustrations of last year. This is great news for a defense that has desperately needed an identity this season. A defense that is near dead last in Total Yards Per Game and Passing Yards Per Game, it will be nice to see just how much one man can help improve those statistics.

The Patrick Peterson effect

Having Patrick Peterson back won’t just help the defense, but the offense as well. Kyler Murray and the rest of the offense won’t have to engage in more “offensive shootouts” that they aren’t prepared to be in. This will bring a more balanced approach and hopefully garner more takeaways for the red birds. It’s simple: more takeaways = more scoring opportunities. After the New York Giants, the next 5 games will only get tougher, but reinforcements have finally come. Welcome back, P2.

Preview: History Could Play Part in the Outcome of Bengals Game for the Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals face the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend, and circumstances line up in their favor to come out with their first victory under Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury.

But history may not be on the the Redbirds side as they have a way of allowing mediocre backup players to look like all pros on the field and take unexpected losses.

So many instances that take us to times where the Cardinals should win a game because the other team is lacking major pieces, and they just couldn’t  measure up to the pressure of the moment to dominate and do what was expected.

We all saw the Back up Quarterback Kyle Allen exploit the Cardinals defense, and did it without getting pressured into any mistakes throughout the game. That was a game that the defense was supposed to be able to force the 2nd year player into turnovers and poor play, but yet he looked like a seasoned vet finishing 19/26 261yards and 4 touchdowns.

Then we dig back into history where other quarterbacks that were coming in as either first time starters or very young and inexperienced have had much success as well.

2015 Micheal Vick and the Steelers were on the ropes and the Cardinals managed to get Vick out of the game due to injury, and a rookie back up Laundry Jones came in and takes over the game, and embarrassing the Cardinals defense and pulls off the improbable win.

2016 season opener against the New England Patriots at home, Patriots opened that season without the services of star quarterback Tom Brady serving a four game suspension, and back up first time playing Jimmy Geroffolo looked almost like Brady and beat the Cardinals on their home field.

2017 Carson Palmer and the Redbirds were heavy favoreds to win on the road in Houston because the talented Dashaun Watson was hurt the week before, Cardinals looking like they dodged a bullet with the Watson Injury and came into Houston and lost to a mediocre at best back up Tom Savage 31-21.


Currently this weekend coming into another game where the Arizona Cardinals should win on the road in Cincinnati, and their starting quarterback Andy Dalton will be playing but he will be without key components that would suggest a Cards victory.

Bengals come in limping heavily at the wide receiver position as star wideout A.J Green is still on the shelf with a leg injury, just this past Monday night they also lost wide receiver John Ross.

The Bengals come in with probably the worst offensive line in the league, as third string Andre Smith (former Cardinal) is at left tackle and their right guard is playing out of position, the center is a rookie and as a collective unit have giving up 19 sack of Dalton so far.

The Cardinals have to get takeaways in this game, and Chandler Jones and Terrell Suggs should easily be the ones causing these turnovers whether in the secondary with pressure or fumbles from strip sacks.

It is no secrete the Cardinals have had issues winning on the east coast playing early games, and they must not allow that to be an excuse to beat this beat up team convincingly.

Cards are also coming in limping a bit themselves as they will be missing key wide receiver Christian Kirk, but that’s not anywhere near the mash unit of the Bengals in several positions.

The Arizona Cardinals cannot take this game for granted and think it will be handed to them, the Bengals will have half a stadium filled cheering them on and they could be givien much confidence if the Redbirds do not put their foot down early.

According to the match up the Cardinals should dominate the lines of scrimmage and Kyler Murray should not be under duress and have clear throwing lanes. 

The running game has to be established early so it can finish late, and Kliff Kingsbury needs to dial up power running plays in the redzone and score touchdowns rather than field goals.

One scary area of concern about the Bengals on offense, is if they get Joe Mixon going he could be hard to stop, as well as Tyler Eifert at the tight end position in which the redbirds in four games have given up 32 rec for 431 yrds 5 TD to that position alone. 

To add to that, Arizona will be playing the Thompson rookies at safety in place of DJ Swearinger who was released this week due to poor performance issues, and they both have had very minimal NFL experience at the position.

The Cardinals need to be disciplined in this game, limit penalties in crucial moments like key first downs and big plays this has pleagued them so far this season.

At the end of the day it will be hard to imagine the Cardinals losing this game, but momentum and confidence can take a team a long way.  If the Cards allow the Bengals to gain steam in those categories, it will be another unexpected loss that could lead to familiar territory from a 3-13 team last year.

Arizona Cardinals Offense, not what’s Promised 4 Games In

We are 4 games into the season, in other words, we are a quarter of the way through this season.  The Arizona Cardinals new “improved” offense that was highly touted before the season started and has not come through to fruition. 

Kyler Murray is ranked 3rd in attempts yet 13th in total pass yards, 18th in QBR, 22nd in accuracy out of QBs with more than 40 pass attempts, he is tied for 23rd in touchdowns, 6th in interceptions with 4 touchdowns as well as 4 interceptions.

Arizona has led with a grand total of 0 seconds this year, which for the record, the Miami Dolphins have led for more than 0 seconds in a game and their point differential is -137! This year, the Cardinals are currently 0-3-1 after losing devastatingly to the Seahawks in a division game with a final score of 10-27. 

So far, David Johnson has generated a measly total of 355 yards with only 47 rushing attempts which makes the Cardinals ranked 27th in rushing attempts. This upcoming week for the Cardinals will be their best opportunity for winning a game over the next three weeks as they face the 0 wins and 4 losses Cincinnati Bengals.




The Bengals played lousy on Monday night facing the Steelers as the offensive line allowed Dalton to get sacked 8 times and the Bengals offense only scored 3 points themselves. Overall, my stance regarding the Cardinals remains as bleak as it was during pre-season.  Looks like another high draft pick in 2020!


The Arizona Cardinals Defense Forgot the Meaning of the Word “Defend”

The Arizona Cardinals played their third game of the season in the comfortable indoor environments of State Farm Stadium, being a new and young team still learning they have had ups and downs and today the downs was their defense.

Its easy to critique the offense when they don’t score enough points to win the game, and over look the actual reason as to why they were not successful.

The meaning of the word defend or defense is as follows in the webster dictionary:

“Resist an attack made on (someone or something); protect from harm” in a sports capacity it’s to stop the attack of your opponent.

Sunday the Cardinals defense decided to stay home mentally and go through the motions physically against the Cam Newton less Carolina Panthers, and dropped to their second loss 38-20.

After the first drive of the game where Chandler Jones got the strip sack turnover, the Cardinals defense laid down on almost every other drive after that and killed all of the offensive mojo side of the ball.

The Panthers second string quarterback Kyle Allen was made to look like Peyton Manning at State Farm stadium, shredding the Cards defense to the tune of 19/26 261 and 4TD passes.

After the Cardinals stopped the Panthers on the first drive they would not stop the Panthers on 6 of 7 straight possessions and by that time the score was 38- 20 and the game was out of reach.

There is plenty of blame to go around but it has to start on the defensive end, coming in they had to know that the Panthers had two weapons on offense and they did nothing to prepare themselves to defend them.

Greg Olsen coming off an injury looked 10 years younger snatching 6 receptions for 65 yards and 2 touchdowns, while the bell cow of the team Christian McCaffrey wore down the Redbirds poor defensive effort with a back breaking burst on a very well blocked counter play that went for his career longest run of 76 yards.

This was a pathetic effort on the defensive end, from Vance Joseph down to the players.

The pressure on the quarterback was minimal as Allen ripped apart the defense making spectacular plays in and out of the pocket.

Outside Linebacker veteran pass rusher Terrell Suggs looked old and slow and may be at his end in the league as a premier pass rusher, the Cards were better with some pressure when Casius Marsh was on the other side of Chandler Jones. 

Although Jones got 2 sacks and one a turnover early, he tends to fade away throughout the game and when crunch time comes and they need to get pressure and sacks, he is gassed and cannot deliver.

 Todays play by the defense reminds me of the poor offense last year and the poor job that Coordinator Mike McCoy did during that pathetic stretch until he was relieved of his duties.

That type of performance today giving up 434 total yards to a team that was missing its starting quarterback was almost worth the job of the one that put that unprepared unit out on the field.

The only reason it may not warrant a firing of defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is because the defense was the reason the Cardinals were in the first two games of the season with one of those games ending in comeback tie.

After the game its clear to hear players speak and let you know what actually happened, as they do it without trying  to throw each other under the bus and point fingers.

But some times their words give it away, as Murray after the game said “We have to play complimentary football, we have to get better at that” that was a subtle shot at his no-show defense that did not compliment the offense the first three quarters as the offense moved the ball down the field at will.



Taking what the defense gave them the Cardinals offense was pretty sharp, as Kyler Murray picked up key first downs with his legs opening up the deadly part of this system.

David Johnson has been on our bad list for some time, but today took major strides in looking like the old David Johnson.

Johnson ran hard and punishing with bad intent, as he dropped his shoulder and pounded into defenders not going down easy.

The offense stalled as the defense did not keep their momentum that was built, as the Panthers answered on every drive the Cardinals scored on.

The secondary played pretty well up until this game, as we were surprised at how they had held up so well in the absence of their striating corners Patrick Peterson and Robert Alford.

Today their inexperienced showed clearly and the rookies looked liked rookies and the entire back end looked lost, as they continued to lose the tight end and the speedy running back.   

Coach Kliff Kingsbury did an ok job in the beginning but as the game went on and the defensive scheme not working, as the head coach he should have override his struggling Defensive coordinator and made defensive adjustments. This is where Kingsburry’s NFL inexperience comes into play, as he relies on his coaching staff and lets them do their jobs without interrupting their plans and schemes.

This was a job that the Head Coach was suppose to take over and get right in game adjustments and get the players on the field that wanted to compete.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how they bounce back as a team, with a division foe coming in next week.

The seattle Seahawks coming off a loss at home as well will come in with bad intensions and will get their first taste of this new air-raid system, and you can be assured that Pete Carroll and company will be very prepared.

Will the Cardinals be adding any players to the roster during the week is still up in the air, as they made room with a restructuring of Chandler Jones contract but no moves were made.

After that performance I think they need to look deep in their pockets and get some players in here that will make them relevant in the division, perhaps a Jalen Ramsey or Trent Williams to give them star power and instant credibility.

Arizona Cardinals K’s Joined at the Hip For Offense to Survive in the NFL

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury and rookie quarterback Kyler Murray had rough starts in their first real contest running the air-raid system.

Coming in, both have the world watching for many reasons. Watching  particularly the attachment at the hip of these two men, and how this new offense will fair in a league that has been around for 100 years based on physicality.

The NFL doesn’t take kindly to these new so call gimmick offenses very well, usually after a few weeks or half a season defensive coordinators figure them out and they become one-dementional and out the league quick.

Steve Spurrier and Chip Kelly and a few others have brought in similar systems and at best had early success, but unable to sustain themselves long term.

So now the same fate alums over this form of the air-raid system, and why should we think that this one will be any different from any of the others.

In my many years of observing NFL football I have yet to see a high flying air dominate attack offense finish the job in winning a world championship. The systems wow everyone throughout the regular season, and fail to be able to turn up to another level to compete for the a title because it lacks the ability to adapt to a more physical environment. 

The Don air Coryell system, Run and shoot, K-gun, and any other air attacks have all fallen short of the ultimate goal, and their air it out attacks being grounded by a tough physical defensive team.

Kingsbury’s air-raid has been said to not be the same as the others that have tried in the NFL throughout the years, it is one that is more balanced and has the running attack element that will help it sustain in the league.

On Sunday that was not the case for three quarters, as the cardinals struggled to get any type of rhythm early in the game.

Kliff and Kyler are joined at the hip and the offense goes as they both go as one, through the early struggles they looked lost and confused and also jacked up really high with anxiety.

They looked hurried and it felt like they wanted the success to come before the hard work has been completed, instant  gratification if you will. Coach Kingsbury called sophisticated plays at times it didn’t call for them, and his quarterback following his lead rushed and very erratic.

The air-raid system is a rhythm based offense and it needs to have things set-up by its rhythm to make the attack deadly. In other words methodically moving the chains with short quick throws and quick runs using the RPO while operating in a no-huddle formation.

This attack will eventually lull a defense asleep and then the air attack of bombs and explosions can commence.

When both Coach and quarterback are in unison the results looks like the fourth quarter we saw on Sunday, coming back from an 18 point deficit to end that game eventually in a tie in overtime.

How long will this system last is the question, and should it fail can the two K’s have successful careers without each other.

This seems like the perfect combination of coach and quarterback, and maybe the previous failing systems were missing that perfect match element. The element that provides a dual threat quarterback with speed and a cannon for an arm, mixed with a young bright mind of innovative play calling in a balanced attack.

We will eventually see how long this thing can last, we only saw it against a mediocre defense at best against the Detroit Lions, the schedule is brutal with greater defensive teams starting in next weeks match-up to the always physical Baltimore Ravens.

Take this game and the others against tough defenses as an early picture of how this offense will fair in a playoff game, because if it looks rocky and shaky and inept because of the physicality of the defense, then this air-raid will get shot down just like all the others and the NFL wins again.


Final Roster Set for Arizona Cardinals 2019

The 2019 Arizona Cardinals have completed the 53 man roster, all of the birds are in the nest and this is the team that will go forward to improve on last years horrible season.

The roster only has two quarterbacks, and that is starting to be the protocol in the NFL in a league where spread and mobility is taking over.

Kyler Murray will be making his debut in a full game, and the defenses have a bright red target on his back and will certainly be trying to give him his first taste of what the NFL is all about.

Murray has already felt how fast the defensive players in the game are as opposed to college, and must focus on staying in the pocket and facing several exotic blitzes and schemes.

The Cards have also only two tight ends on the squad, and that is probably a tell sign that the team will be in four and five receiver set more than not.

It will be critical to get David Johnson feeling like the player he was in 2016, the offensive line will have to stay healthy and gel together, so Murray and the running game can have  some sort of chance to just be competitive.

The first dibs at the waiver wire allowed the Cards to come away with a little more depth at the most important positions, particularly on defense at the cornerback and outside linebacker to keep them a float until the injured guys return.

Roster as follows:

2 QB

3 RB

7 WR

2 TE

3 C

3 G

3 OT

4 DE

8 LB

4 CB

5 S

3 ST


Cassius Marsh should help the pass rush right out of the gate, having played under current defensive coordinator Vance Joseph in the same system he was in when he was a Bronco.

Marsh is another high motor guy that will be good for stints with Suggs and Jones, pass rush will be essential to staying in games all season long.

The backside of the defense will have the job trying to hold off talent one-on-one until the lockdown guys return. The first five games are against teams that don’t have a super star wideouts, that is of course if AJ Green returns in week five or not. They will however face the great Julio Jones in week six, and without Patrick Peterson that will be very difficult.

All the pieces are in, and the season is upon us, we will see how this team gels and hopefully it can start fast because the new offense will only be new for so long.