Where Will Deandre Ayton be In 2022

The Deandre Ayton deal has to be one of the hardest decisions that the Phoenix Suns have had to make in years. With the current success of bringing in Chris Paul, who now makes 30 million a year over the next three years, and Devin Booker will make 33 million next year and 36 the year... Continue Reading →

Arizona Diamondbacks Wins 3 In A Row

After a rough 6 game series going against the Cubs and Dodgers losing all 6, the Diamondbacks have won the last 3 bringing them back to .500.  Today’s game was like watching two completely different games.  The first 7 innings explained the lows of the Diamondbacks perfectly 2 hits and 21 at bats down 0-4. ... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Mercury Follow Suit and Drop Home Game to Dallas

It has been a very heartbreaking week for Phoenix basketball against Dallas, as the Mercury follow suit on the same floor drop under .500 with a 94-84 loss to the Dallas Wings. The outcome was not as bad as their hometown partners the Suns and it was not in a playoff game, but it was... Continue Reading →

Diamondbacks Lose Tough One At Home

Diamondbacks bats were alive last night at home along with great starting pitching, re-stating an issue that has been going on for years, why can't the Diamondbacks win at home!  The Chicago Cubs fans showed out in full force last night, there were more Cubs fans than Arizona fans which might be a big part... Continue Reading →

Diamondbacks Put On A Varshow

The Diamondbacks have succesfully continued their winning streak, now winning 8 of the last 10 games, while also continuing their streak against the Marlins to 4 in a row.  This was the most complete performance I have seen from Arizona all year.  The starting pitcher Castellanos pitched 5.1 innings and allowed 3 runs which is... Continue Reading →

Diamondbacks Win 2 Out Of 3 Over Mothers Day Weekend

The Diamondbacks had a great Mother's Day weekend going over .500 for the first time this year, continuing their winning streak to 7 of the last 9 games. The Diamondbacks have had the hardest schedule in MLB so far with their opponents winning percentage being 58.8%. The good news for the Diamondbacks is that their... Continue Reading →

Suns Teach Doncic a Lesson What Superstars Really Look Like

Phoenix Suns flexed their muscle and showed the Mavericks that they are in over their heads, and this isn’t the Utah Jazz team they ran over in the first round. Coming into this series we have heard all of the hype surrounding how great Luka Doncic has been, we’ve even heard some ridiculous comparisons to... Continue Reading →

Diamondbacks Earn First Sweep Of Season

The Diamondbacks earned 3 wins against the Marlins in one of the most drama-ridden of this year. In-game 1 and 2 the Diamondbacks began with an early lead and kept the ball rolling going ahead 5-0 heading into the 7th inning. It felt like Deja Vu if you watched the games, in both games, the... Continue Reading →

Diamondbacks Bullpen Ruins History In The Making

The Diamondbacks had a great chance to beat the Cardinals three games in a row for the first time since 2007, which was the same year the Diamondbacks won their division and made the playoffs. The year the Diamondbacks won three in a row, they were at home, never has Arizona won three in a... Continue Reading →

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