Where Will Deandre Ayton be In 2022

The Deandre Ayton deal has to be one of the hardest decisions that the Phoenix Suns have had to make in years. With the current success of bringing in Chris Paul, who now makes 30 million a year over the next three years, and Devin Booker will make 33 million next year and 36 the year... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Mercury Follow Suit and Drop Home Game to Dallas

It has been a very heartbreaking week for Phoenix basketball against Dallas, as the Mercury follow suit on the same floor drop under .500 with a 94-84 loss to the Dallas Wings. The outcome was not as bad as their hometown partners the Suns and it was not in a playoff game, but it was... Continue Reading →

Suns Teach Doncic a Lesson What Superstars Really Look Like

Phoenix Suns flexed their muscle and showed the Mavericks that they are in over their heads, and this isn’t the Utah Jazz team they ran over in the first round. Coming into this series we have heard all of the hype surrounding how great Luka Doncic has been, we’ve even heard some ridiculous comparisons to... Continue Reading →

Put Some Respect on the Western Conference Champ Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns have to be feeling like Rodney Dangerfield, as they get no respect as the defending Western Conference champs around the media. Every news outlet at the beginning of the season had every other team coming out of the West this year except the defending Champs. Back in history, there was a time... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Suns Continue Dominance in the NBA Standings

Phoenix Suns continue to dominate the NBA in the standings, even with the absence of star point guard Chris Paul. The season coming down the stretch and the big question is do the Suns begin to rest players to gear up for the playoff run. This can be a very delicate situation for Head Coach... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Suns Fill Final Roster Spot with Danish Guard IFFE LUNDBERG

Suns Sign Iffe Lunberg: The Phoenix Suns had one roster spot left to fill, and have done it with the signing of Danish guard Iffe Lundberg to a 2-way contract. One would ask what does the best team in the NBA need to add another guard to their depth-filled roster. James Jones is always with... Continue Reading →


The number one team in the NBA Phoenix Suns. This team is the definition of "team", having every component it takes to go on a run back to the Finals. Experience from last year's run is fueling the engine for this well-oiled winning machine, led by its dog guards in the backcourt Devin Booker and... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Suns “On the Other Side of Hard” Indeed

In NBA Finals history the better team always win the prize, wether it's because they have the most dominant super stars or dominant on defense, in time during a series the superior team emerges through the up and down obstacles of a Championship run. In some cases there are teams that over achieve in their... Continue Reading →

FLEX BOMB: Believe in These Suns

In life they say perception is reality. What people perceive you to be is who you are in their eyes. This leads me to our current Phoenix Suns. A team full of hope and promise much different from years past. The question around this basketball team right now is whether they are truly Title contenders,... Continue Reading →

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