Play Fortnite at KSRN Draft Party

Compete in a Fortnite tournament to play against a celebrity player at Twin Peaks. (You will be redirected to PayPal for payment)

When: Saturday April 27th 7pm-10pm

Where: Twin Peaks – Phoenix (2135 E Camelback rd, Phoenix AZ 85016 ).

Cost: $9.99


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Tournament rules: Fortnite challenge will consist of three rounds of battle royale, there will be matches set up where the challengers will battle to see who has the most kills at games end to move on to next round. 

Only the winners from 3 rounds will be invited to play live at the Draft Party location.

All other rounds will be played online the day before the event.

One entry per contestant with email address and Fortnite game account

Players that make it to the Twin Peaks event under the age of 18 must be accompanied with parent or an adult.

The final match will be played live at the event location where there will be a game truck, all remaining winners from the tournament will get the opportunity to play with celebrity guest.

Registration must be completed on or before April 25 at 8pm mst there will be no more entries excepted after the deadline.

After registration is complete the contestants will receive an email with instructions on what day and time your match will be played online, you will receive a forum code to enter the room with 3 other contestants and the player with the most kills or last one standing will advance.

*If contestant is not in their forum at the instructed game time then that contestant will be eliminated from the challenge. There are no make up matches so make to know your game day and time.

If you are the last man standing because you are hiding and don’t have the most kills after the time limit the player in your forum with the most kills will be deemed the winner so camping out in a bathroom will only get you beat.

Good luck

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