The “Players that ain’t no joke” On Friday Night NBA

These are the top performers in the NBA on Friday night. The KazualSportz Show with Earl Burnett aka Kazual_E Subscribe. Kazual Sportz Show on KSRN, and where ever you get you podcast. The segment from the radio show "The kazual Sportz Show"

The Slap Seen and Heard Across the World and Chris Rock’s Face

The Kazual Sportz Show host Earl Burnett shares his opinion on the slap seen and heard across the world, live from the KSRN studios. Monday Night in the Kazual House with Earl Burnett aka Kazual_E

Phoenix Suns Continue Dominance in the NBA Standings

Phoenix Suns continue to dominate the NBA in the standings, even with the absence of star point guard Chris Paul. The season coming down the stretch and the big question is do the Suns begin to rest players to gear up for the playoff run. This can be a very delicate situation for Head Coach... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Suns Fill Final Roster Spot with Danish Guard IFFE LUNDBERG

Suns Sign Iffe Lunberg: The Phoenix Suns had one roster spot left to fill, and have done it with the signing of Danish guard Iffe Lundberg to a 2-way contract. One would ask what does the best team in the NBA need to add another guard to their depth-filled roster. James Jones is always with... Continue Reading →

Cardinals Problem is “The Blind Leading the Blind”

The Arizona Cardinals off-season has a different vibe from its usual, after the horrific way their season ended there is much the team will have to address. This marks the second straight year the team ended its season with a colossal collapse down the stretch. “Improvement”  could be the word that describes this team the... Continue Reading →

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