The Cardinals Playoff Picture Heading into Week 16

The Arizona Cardinals have buckled up and are still in control of their own destiny. With a stressful win against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the Cardinals have further distanced themselves from 2 teams at their heels. The Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings. However, there can’t be any relaxation from the Cardinals just yet. With two games remaining, a lot can still change and leave the Cardinals on the outside looking in.

Bears Wake up from Hibernation

See the Breakdown on ESPN’s Playoff Machine HERE

IF the Chicago Bears win against Jacksonville (likely since they really want to keep that Trevor Lawrence pick), and win against Green Bay (very possible if Green Bay opts to rest their starters), the Bears could find themselves slipping past the Cardinals if both teams end with 9-7. The tie breaker would go to the Bears who would have a better record in their own division.

Our Christmas wish: Green Bay plays Aaron Rodgers for at least one-half of football to hopefully seal the Bears fate.

The Cardinals Snag the Coveted 5th Seed

See the Breakdown on ESPN’s Playoff Machine HERE

Just as unlikely of a scenario, but fun nonetheless. The Cardinals have a chance, by the slimmest of margins, to sneak into the fifth seed to play whichever NFC East team finds a pulse. The only way this happens is if:

  • Tampa Bay loses to Atlanta or Detriot
  • Seattle loses to Rams and 49ers
  • Cardinals win out

Our Christmas wish: Let Seattle and the Los Angeles Rams beat each other up before we see them.

If Everything Goes to Plan

See the Breakdown on ESPN’s Playoff Machine HERE

This seems to be the most likely of all the scenarios out there. Cardinals squeak into the playoffs at 9-7. A remarkable upgrade from last year to cap a year of progress by a young team that may be hitting their stride late. This would mean that the Cardinals make the 7th seed and have to go to New Orleans to play a likely still bruised Drew Brees. At the start of this year I wouldn’t have likely the matchup but a lot has changed. Drew Brees and Michael Thomas are banged up. If you can continue to keep those two at bay and TRY to mitigate whatever Alvin Kamara will likely inflict on you, the Cardinals could remain in this game for the upset.

The New Orleans defense would have to find a way to stop the chemistry that is brewing between Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins, which will be a tough task for anyone. This would be a very interesting game and my second preferred matchup, short of playing against whoever will represent the NFC East.


Oh how two weeks can change your perspective. The Cardinals will need to remain focused and continue to shore up the small things that have plagued them all year. If they can do that, then it’s time to play spoiler in the Valley.

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