Fate is Begging the Cardinals to Show Up

So you’re telling me there’s a chance? YES. A resounding yes. The Arizona Cardinals better bring in an astrologist because the stars are lining up for them in a final chance to sneak into the postseason. After last week’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Cardinals fans had just about lost all hope for a playoff birth since the 2015-16 season. Their opponent, the Los Angeles Rams are bruised and battered and will likely lick their wounds during this game as they hope Jared Goff will be ready come playoff time.

Bruised and Battered

Losing Jared Goff and Cooper Kupp in the matchup will certainly be an advantage for the Cardinals. Kupp was the Rams leading receiver with 974 yards and Goff with just under 4000 passing yards and 20 TDs.

John Wolford will be making his first NFL start, let alone his first NFL snap in his career as the Rams push forward with the former Arizona Hotshots Quarterback. The Cardinals will have to scrounge up any tape they can find on Wolford to guess what tendencies he may have that they can try to eliminate.

Scoreboard Watching

Fans have been watching the Chicago Bears finally wake up from hibernation, shedding their 6 game losing streak to contend for a playoff spot. Luckily, the Green Bay Packers will have to play their starters if they would like to win the game and ultimately lock in their first-round bye in the Playoffs. But the Bears will remain alive with a loss if the Cardinals fail to capitalize against the Rams.

“You Play to Win the Game”

The Cardinals made moves this offseason for moments like these. Retaining key veteran leaders, securing your young core, and adding an X-Factor in 3XL gloves. This is what they were made for. If the Cardinals can’t get up to their true potential in this all-or-nothing game, the cause for concern should significantly rise and will ultimately be placed on the one driving the ship, Kliff Kingsbury. Iconic phrases like “Hello?! You play to win the game” or “Just win baby” come to mind.

The time is now, the heat is on, it’s time to see if the Cardinals can finally shed the plague of playing to their competition.

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