Arizona Cardinals Exercise Demons Against the Bully Rams in LA

The Heavyweight matchup in Los Angeles Sofi Stadium Sunday afternoon, with Hollywood celebrities filling the luxury boxes to watch their Rams knock out the Cards for the ninth time under Sean Mcvay. 

Then the unexpected took place after kickoff, the overconfident champ did not believe the underdog could come into their home and punch them in the mouth.

The Arizona Cardinals came into Los Angeles with a swag that looked like the Rams, dominated this game from start to finish.

Coming in having not beaten the Rams the last eight times, being swept four straight seasons with an average of 30 points or more.

The Redbirds played like they have had enough go the arrogant dominance of the Rams and their cocky coach.

Photo was taken by Earl Burnett

Quarterback Kyler Murray is playing on another level, finish the day with 24 of 32 for 268 yards and two touchdowns.

The MVP stats continued against the best defense coming in. 

But it’s not the stats that are the most impressive from Murray, it is his command and calmness of the offense he is running.

The last few years I have had questions about Kyler being able to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball, and this game was the best I have seen from him stepping up in the pocket and making great decisions.

Murray played this game not worried about the best defenders in the league in Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey.

He did not take his eyes from downfield, and he made two crucial back-breaking runs that deflated the Rams.

Signs of growth and maturity right before our eyes, and without a doubt this kid is the real deal.

The Cardinals as a team are growing, that includes third-year Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury.

He has taken lots of criticism from the media and fans calling for his job, but Kliff has stayed the course and is starting to look like a pretty good coach.

Having talent always helps, but he is putting that talent in the right places to be successful.

There were two drives in this game that showed this team has taken that next step.

The Rams had taken the momentum and scored a field goal, bringing them to a one-possession game 21-13, and the Cardinals countered that punch with a defense-draining drive of 17 plays that ended in a field goal and killed the four minutes that was left before halftime.

Then the Redbirds come out of Halftime and drive right down the field and get another field goal, and extended their lead 27-13.

The rams appeared like they would come back and make a game of it, drove down to the goal line and the Cardinals defense held on 4th down after stopping Mathew Stafford at the goal line.

Teams normally after taking over the ball on their own one-yard line would run straight in the pile to make room for the punter to kick the ball to about midfield.

Kliff calls a timeout to give the Rams the appearance they were setting up to pass from their own end zone, and the Rams lined up expecting a pass.

Then Murray gave a draw play RPO to Chase Edmonds for 54 yards and the knockout punch that shocked the LA area.

The Hollywood faithful begin to file out of the spectacular dome, and the Cardinals waving goodbye to the crowd and to that losing streak to the Rams.

The Rams coming in were given the top ranking after beating the reigning Super Bowl champ Buccaneers last week, and the question was were the Cardinals in the same category as contenders.

This team has gotten better each week, and for the first time this season, they did not turn the ball over and did not have crucial penalties that stopped drives.

Cardinals are leaving LA the last undefeated team in the NFC, and the highest-scoring offense in the league.

Not too many people want to believe what they saw and call the cardinals the best team in the league, but the numbers and the talent don’t lie.

Arizona sits alone atop the NFC West, expected to finish fourth in the early season predictions.

Last year faded after the 6-3 start and finished at 500, after this 4-0 start and beating two playoff teams in the process it looks like the team can only get better.

Throughout the year every team is going to lose games and face some form of adversity, that is the next test for the Cardinals.

For now, the exercising of old demons is a very big confidence booster.

After finally beating the Rams and not only beat them, beat them down in their own house making a big statement.

Like Buster Douglas did against Mike Tyson, stood in and take his best punch on the chin and punched back.

Now let all the hype on Monday start, with all the questions and power polls and rankings.

The national media will stop a minute and actually pay attention to this Cardinals team and will ask themselves “what can you do to stop this team” if a defense like the Rams got shredded.

This Cardinals team is for real, scoring 30 plus points in every game so far, and it looks like the only team that can stop them is themselves.

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