Arizona Diamondbacks Wins 3 In A Row

After a rough 6 game series going against the Cubs and Dodgers losing all 6, the Diamondbacks have won the last 3 bringing them back to .500.  Today’s game was like watching two completely different games.  The first 7 innings explained the lows of the Diamondbacks perfectly 2 hits and 21 at bats down 0-4.  In the 8th, 9th, and 10th inning the Diamondbacks earned 7 runs and 9 hits.  Torrey Luvello found the spark in the 8th inning, making a move that some people may have thought was mad.  Pavin Smith the designated hitter that has been struggling and was not playing this game, in the 8th Luvello threw him into the game where he got the first run for this team by hitting a home run over right center field.  After the homer Marte and McCarthy also scored in the 8th inning. The first time this year by the Dbacks they had an inside the park home run in the 10th inning.  Daulton Varsho hit the ball that lead to the inside the park home run allowing Marte and rookie Jake Mccarthy to score, also making the game 7-4.  The play of the game though goes to Alek Thomas, with the score 7-5 the cubs hit a ball sending a player home making the game 7-6 if Thomas goes for the ball that landed in the ivy the hitter could have scored because it turns into a live ball, the smart move is to raise your hands up and not touch the ivy because it’ll turn into a double instead of a potential in the park home run.  Due to his decision making the score ended 7-6 instead of 7-7 going deeper into extra innings.

Mad-Bum has really been struggling the last two games, in this game he allowed 4 earned runs but good news is he kept them in the game.  Joe Mantiply had a big part in this game as well, he allowed two base hits but kept his sterling ERA intact having a .58on the season.  J.B. Wenedlkin should be the star pitcher this game.  He only pitched .1 inning but he got out of the inning without allowing any of Mantiplys runners to score, keeping the game at 0-4 heading into the 8th inning before allowing the game to go to extra innings.

There were a lot of scary moments for both teams in this game.  After Josh Rojas’s best game of the year hitting 3 homeruns, the first bat attempt he has he gets hit in the fingers by the ball and sits the rest of the game.  Yonnie Hernandez filled in for Rojas but his presence was missed.  Hernandez hitting at a .8 right now definitely doens’t scare the defense and he allowed multiple balls to run past him.  In the 9th inning attempting to pick off a Cub’s player Perdomo knocked knees with the Cubs player and also appeared injured.  Arizona has been lucky with Alek Thomas but they can’t expect to keep up the same success with more injured players.

Arizona has won the Chicago series already and they have one more game tomorrow at 11:20 AM tomorrow.  After that they will play the Royals and hopefully they will be healthy so they can compete against the Dodgers and save there season.  This team is playing like a 93 or 94 win team and hopefully earning a wild card spot and stealing wins from the Dodgers will be a key to a successful season.

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