Phoenix Suns Media Day Looked Very Different This Year

Let the questions about Robert Server begin, will we hear anyone be completely honest? Sometimes in situations like this everything is so scripted and politically correct that no one gets offended.

There is no secrete that there are some people throughout the organization has a pretty good relationship with Robert Sarver and could cause more riff through the organization.

From players to coaches, most of the people from the Suns speaking about Robert Sarver all said the same thing, shock and disappointment were the answer to the question.

The setting of the Suns media day was very different from that of what they used to do, it was more like a press conference for the entire room rather than a personal one-on-one interview.

There were no real answers for what took place in games six and seven’s meltdown against the Dallas Mavericks, the answers to those questions pretty much were, “new season and we are moving forward” or “they just beat us” well that doesn’t answer the question of what exactly went wrong internally with the team.

One player answered the question but probably implied something was wrong inside the team’s walls, as DeAndre Ayton on the podium today said “there was a lot going on” that is a clear quote that there may have been something the team was dealing with.

Ayton was not very sociable as he usually is, he had a look on his face that would indicate that he really didn’t want to be there and all of the questionings looked like it really irritated him.

He added that he was “Just Locked in” one can only hope that his demeanor at media day will translate to his game and be more of a presence in the middle for the Suns.

There is no secrete that Ayton is the key to this team’s success, he has to be more aggressive and concisely and become such a force that would make teams have to account for him.

One cool thing that was seen was the new team jersey displayed by the players, we saw both jerseys the new one for the Valley, and of course the old school ’92 jersey of the team that went to the Finals.

The Phoenix Suns are still a real contender in the West but the question is with the moves that were made or lack thereof, do they have enough to get back to the Finals.

James Jones and Head Coach Monty Williams both answered that question almost the same, “we have the guys that can get it done”

Will they get back to the level of a 64-18 record?

Speaking of having enough, the Suns were missing one guy at the media event, Jae Crowder was a no-show because he is currently seeking a trade.

Forward Cam Johnson answered questions if there was some kind of a riff between him and Jae, now that he will be moving on and Cam is slotted to be the starter.

Johnson said there is no bad blood or anything between him and Crowder, and added that he has learned a lot from Jae.

The season training camp starts the week and chemistry and continuity will have to be worked on from day one, and hopefully, the team can add the new guys and get back to the close team they were all last year.

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