Phoenix Suns Beat The Kings 120-109 Edge Closer in West Standings

The Phoenix Suns return home to play the hot 3rd place in the West Sacramento Kings at the Footprint Center, and they return home a slightly different ball club than when they went on the last road trip.

Suns came out for warm-ups and it was very weird to not see the animated and enthusiastic Mikal Bridges dancing around the court.

The pre-game was more business-like as the team appeared to have the look of a team that just got real, all joking aside when you make a move as powerful as Kevin Durant this catapults the Suns into that highly favorite to be there in the end.

Durant was introduced to the crowd to a standing loud roar for as long as one minute, but a smile never cracked his face as his demeanor took on the look of the team’s serious look during warm-ups.

The Kings are the first test of the new-look Suns, opening up in the fifth spot Phoenix looks to make ground with a favorable schedule going forward.

Chris Paul had 19 assists and Devin Booker had 32 pts without attempting one three-point basket, and DeAndre Ayton was very active and engaged finishing strong controlling the paint, and battling with Domantas Sabonis toe to toe.

The Suns put on a show for their fans and for their new teammate sitting on the bench Kevin Durant, who is not expected to play until sometime after the All-Star break.

The suns get the 120-109 victory and will return to the court on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Clippers. 

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