Suns Teach Doncic a Lesson What Superstars Really Look Like

Phoenix Suns flexed their muscle and showed the Mavericks that they are in over their heads, and this isn’t the Utah Jazz team they ran over in the first round.

Coming into this series we have heard all of the hype surrounding how great Luka Doncic has been, we’ve even heard some ridiculous comparisons to the great Micheal Jordan.

Of course, that’s by the numbers, as Luka is scoring an average of 34 points in several playoff games, it’s one of those things where numbers don’t tell the entire story but the media has crowned him the greatest player in the series vs the Suns.

Micheal Jordan had that average in a much longer sample size of 100 plus playoff games, and Luka is just getting started. The greatest player in the series on one side of the ball yes, but not the best player overall if you can’t do it on both ends of the floor.

But don’t tell that to the broadcasters calling the games, and the guys behind the desk on daytime shows, they all think that Luka is the next best thing since sliced bread.

To compare Luka to MJ is damn near an insult, in my opinion, to compare him in any way is to imply Luka is the G.O.A.T and that is utterly careless on the part of some of the media. 

The Phoenix Suns in game two of the conference Semi-finals pretty much put to rest any supposed comparisons for Luka being the next Jordan.

Chris Paul and Devin Booker took off their belts and proceeded to give Luka a big-time spanking and lesson in what superstars really look like in America.

This is not the Euro league where everything is mostly offensively oriented.  In American basketball, superstars play great on both ends, at least the ones that make it to the Finals do. International Players that come into the NBA are always more skilled on the offensive end and have to learn and adapt to playing defense at the NBA level.

We have seen several guys that are offensive forces in this league, and each one of them has always come up short in the playoffs and exposed on the defensive end as a result.

James Harden and Carmelo Anthony are two of the NBA’s prolific scorers, great offensive talents that struggle on the other end of the floor to guard and make a difference in the outcome of a game. The outcome looks a lot like it looked for Doncic on Wednesday night in Phoenix.

How is it possible to be your team’s best player and its biggest defensive liability at the same time?

Please save all the  Micheal Jordan praise and superstar bows for Luka until he gets his name in the room with the guys that are two-way players.

Exposed on national television had to be the most humiliating thing for a guy that gets so much praise as the next biggest superstar. Everyone seems to give him a pass and look past the fact he looks out of shape and fat, and his conditioning is lacking big time.

Those are issues that point to work ethic, and most writers and media usually talk down on guys with that reputation. So why is it different for Luka Doncic.

On the other side of this series the two-way player and MVP candidate Devin Booker continues to get overlooked in that regard, as he does nothing but score at a high level and also guard on the defensive end with the best of them.

Chris Paul has even taken the liberty of guarding Luka straight up in this series and banging with him toe-to-toe.

Paul led the Suns on a fabulous 41-point fourth quarter as he scored or assisted on the quarter’s first 19 points.

Deliberately getting Doncic caught up in the pick and roll game to force him to guard, Chris went to work on him and in the process told the world, that Doncic is not ready to be put on top of the NBA as its face yet.

Slow your roll NBA and Reggie Miller, he is far away from being compared to the GOAT, he is not even better than the two stars he is playing against in this series.

Great players figure it out, and they go fix that which they are lacking and come back better.

Luka Doncic when this series is over has a lot of work to do with getting his game to the next level. As of right now, he is just the same thing we have already seen, a good offensive player that cannot elevate his team to the Championship level.

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