Arizona Diamondbacks Tie the Series with a 6-3 Win


When Kershaw comes to Arizona, the fans hope we’re not high on expecting a win. In Clayton’s career before the game, his ERA was 1.98 against the Diamondbacks. Arizona had failed to score more than 2 runs against the Dodgers in every game this season. 

Torey Lovullo after the loss on April 6th said his players just needed confidence, they needed to know they could hit against any pitcher. Yesterday after the game Lovullo said, “This is the game we needed, these guys have worked so hard on the offensive side of the ball and it paid off.”

The Diamondbacks had 7 hits and 4 earned runs against Kershaw alone. Despite the Diamondbacks’ efforts, they were behind until the 6th inning when the Diamondbacks hit back-to-back home runs against Kershaw. Credit goes to Veteran player Longoria for the first home run and the second was none other than the speedster Corbin Caroll. That is when the game was blown wide open.

The Diamondbacks are starting off great for how awful their opening season schedule is. The current record is 4-4 and some analysts had the Diamondbacks around .500 on the year. The Diamondbacks have historically had a stranglehold against Arizona and this year they’ve played through 6 of their 13 games and it’s at a dead tie. Last year both teams played each other 19 times and the Diamondbacks only won 5 games.  There have been big improvements in Arizona this year and maturity is a big one.

The Dbacks have had to battle in every win this year. Alek Thomas has struggled on the offensive side the most this season. Sadly he is still hitless and hopefully, he can get a hit tonight to get that monkey off his back and help the Dbacks push over .500.

Tonight Zach Davies with a 1.8 ERA will square off against Noah Syndergaard with a 1.5 ERA. This game will most likely be higher scoring than their first appearance of the season which was 2-1 Diamondbacks.

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