Arizona Diamondbacks Get Off to a Good Start and Win Game 1 Against Marlins

The Arizona Diamondbacks are firing on all cylinders currently.  The DBacks have won 4 of their last 5 games and are currently only a half-game behind the Dodgers, which leads to a special thanks to the Brewers beating them 9-3.  The Diamondbacks won today 5-2 and earned their 20th win on the season mainly thanks to the basic formula of great pitching and batting.

The pitcher on the mound that was responsible for today’s win was Zac Gallen.  Gallen was coming off a “bad performance” against the Texas Rangers.  Zac pitched 5 innings and allowed 3 runs against the Rangers which in fairness to a lot of pitchers is not a bad outing but to Gallen he was disappointed with himself.  Today, Gallen pitched 7 innings and allowed only 1 run, which he has to be much more appreciative of this performance than his last.

Christian Walker hit a 450-foot home run right at the Cold Cheeseburgers restaurant in left field, the average home run distance this year has been 400 feet so he got all of that ball and more.  The most impressive part of Christian Walker this year is not a 450-foot home run which is hard to believe, but it’s the fact he is hitting the ball all over the field, Christian can hit the long ball but he also takes what he gets and places the ball well to get on base. Walker has hit 6 home runs in his last 8 games and is hitting at an incredible average of .289 and already has 28 RBi’s.

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ defense has also been phenomenal this season.  The entire infield through 35 games has had 1 error so far and that was by Ketel Marte.  Marte is a great defender and that was on display tonight making diving catches.  The error in the past was definitely a fluke.  Errors and walks will kill a team and while Arizona is struggling with walking players this season, eliminating errors has been clearly a top priority.

If fans only tuned in to the beginning of the game, Lourdes Gurriell Jr. is one of the hottest hitters in Arizona right now and did not play.  There was no injury to him but a congratulations is well deserved to him as he earned his U.S. Citizenship today so he earned the day off, he pinch hit and earned a walk later in the game though.

Tomorrow will be game 5 of this 10-game home stand.  The Diamondbacks will start pitcher Brandon Pfaat who will be trying to redeem himself after his horrific first start, he pitched 4.2 innings and allowed 7 runs.  The Diamondbacks are still looking for a number 3 pitcher and Tommy Henry might be him but currently, the position is up for the taking. 

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