What is the next step for Los Angeles Chargers QB Justin Herbrt

The first two seasons of Justin Herbert have been way much better than anyone could have imagined, especially after his pac12 performance against ASU prior to his coming out of Oregon in 2020.

Projections were very low and most analysts had the word “Overrated” even cross their thoughts.

But Hebbert has been nothing short of spectacular and his numbers have been amazing.

Justin fits the part of a franchise quarterback in every way, he is big at 6’6 234 lbs and a strong arm that can make every throw in the book of plays.

Herbert is the only player at quarterback to have 30 or more touchdown passes in his first two seasons in the league.

He is on pace to be a superstar without a doubt, but what is holding him back going forward?

After having so much personal success, it hasn’t yet translated to more wins on the field and a playoff appearance.

That is the next step in the evolution of Justin Herbert.

Manipulating the pocket and defenses at the line of scrimmage is going to be the next level for the young gunslinger.

Knowing how to read what’s coming and also disguise his cadence at the line to disrupt defenses by adding that added pressure on the defense much like Peyton Manning and other students of the game.  

Sky is the limit for the young quarterback and this season he will look to make that jump into the elite status, as he will need to have a winning season along with a playoff birth.

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