Diamondbacks Spring Training Latest

The Dbacks trade of Daulton Varsho was met with a fair amount of criticism this past Summer. When the trade went down many asked themselves why you would trade an exceptional outfielder who can also play backstop coming off of a career year. One of the snakes’ major flaws last season was production from the right side of the plate, and with a logjam in the outfield of left-handed promising prospects there had to be an odd man out. Corbin Carroll is the best prospect in baseball and will be the cornerstone for this franchise for the foreseeable future and Alek Thomas might be the best defensive centerfielder in baseball.

That brings us to Jake McCarthy and Daulton Varsho for which a decision would need to be made and by the way they all hit from the left side. Now, most could argue that you keep the best player which one would think is obvious however that same player would bring the most back in return. Now Diamondbacks fans all remember the debacle that was the Paul Goldschmidt trade, we don’t need to remind ourselves that Goldy won his first MVP last season and the last remaining piece from that trade is Carson Kelly who has shown flashes but if we’re being honest he may just end up being nothing more than a part-time catcher. The trade of Varsho however was made from a position of strength and not need as in previous cases. The centerpiece of the trade is Varsho, we can all admit he’s the best player in the trade for now, however Lourdes Gurriel and Gabriel Moreno will be essential pieces to the Dbacks team not only for 2023 but moving forward as well. Now take it with a grain of salt as you should with anything that happens in spring training but Gurriel is batting .391 with an OPS of 1.109 which is a nice start to his Diamondback career.

He’ll be a key cog in the middle of the lineup that’s surrounded by young players who get on base and will be running all over the bases with their elite speed. Gurriel will be heavily motivated to have a big year as his free agency looms after the season and will be wanting to cash in. The prized piece of the trade for the Dbacks is Gabriel Moreno, who will be a big piece for the future. He’s 23 years old and is on the same path and timeline as all the young studs that are at the major league level and still coming up through the ranks.

He’s currently hitting .412 with an OPS of 1.298 and has hit some absolute tanks this spring training. Now I’m not saying the Dbacks will end up winning this trade however this is not anything like the Goldy trade, Gabriel Moreno was the number 1 prospect in baseball less than a year ago and looks to join Corbin Carroll in what should be a stacked rookie class this year. 

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