Diamondbacks Put On A Varshow

The Diamondbacks have succesfully continued their winning streak, now winning 8 of the last 10 games, while also continuing their streak against the Marlins to 4 in a row.  This was the most complete performance I have seen from Arizona all year.  The starting pitcher Castellanos pitched 5.1 innings and allowed 3 runs which is a performance that gave the Dbacks a shot. The relief pitchers allowed absolutely no runs today.  This team had many great performances today:  Ketel Marte hitting a home run extending his streak to a 9 game hitting streak, Peralta scoring in a run after being walked and having a scary catch where he ran into the right field wall, Christian Walker with 2 hits and an RBI, or witnessing a successful bunt by Rojas for an RBI.  As a team Arizona had 10 players reach base, and still this was the game that Varsho got to show all of his versatility along with rookie Alek Thomas.

Diamondback fans have known since 2020 how special Varsho has been, but still watching Varsho put on a catcher clinic was something that felt unbelievable.  Varsho recorded 2 hits, 1 RBI, and 1 run, along with an easy steal.  During a strike 3 Varsho lost track of the ball and ran all the way to the back fence and still threw out the batter at first, and later in the game also picked off a runner trying to steal second.  Not many catchers in history have been able to be the lead off batter for a team and than you add his stealing ability plus his ability to throw people out and this guy is a menace to not reckon with.  At the age of 25 Varsho is already showing a ton of talent and proving Arizona may have found one of their staple players.  Alek Thomas replacement center fielder has played in two games and has only recorded 1 hit and 2 runs but defensively, he has been very impressive.  Thomas has completed multiple catches while running full speed to the ball and showed the forethought to dive out of Peralta way as he made the catch, proving he can be a valuable prospect for this team that last year proved they desperately need depth.

If you think this team is the exact same as last year’s team which was one loss away from tying the franchise record for worst record in Dback history you are mistaken.  Currently Seth Beers has the record for most consecutive at bats without a hit in franchise history at 36 and the team is still succeeding despite that slump.  This team is now 7-3 in one run games unlike last year being 10-31.  The Diamondbacks have two reliable closers despite their relief pitching problems.  In the last four games Joe Mantiply has allowed 0 runs which has given them a fresh breath of air.  

After last night’s win against the Marlins the Diamondbacks have won 10 of the last 13 games becoming 16-14.  Arizona is 1 game behind the Rockies and the Giants and will have 2 out of 3 of their ace  pitchers over the next two games with Mad-Bum and Merrill Kelly where fans and players will hope to surpass the Rockies or the Giants.

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